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Do you like my art? Maybe you'd like to commission me? ow0
If so then you'll be glad to know I have opened my commissions!
For more information please see the journal here or the deviation here!




Happy New Year everyone.
I hope you had a good holidays, & I wish you all the best in the times ahead.
May sweet dreams be long & life's hurdles be short. :heart:

A word of note, for those interested in seeing art from me more often. You may have better luck checking my tumblr, ZiSpot, then here. Gonna try to post a few sketches & stuff there every few days as part of my "new years resolution" thing ma jig. XP
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United States
Flailing is my general state of being. -flails-


BaB for Khiitan by Zirra--Nova
BaB for Khiitan
& here we have khiitan's BaB. 

Okay, this one was a LOT of fun. It was also tricky. I had more freedom for choosing stuff, but that makes me a bit more nervous about the outcome.

Still. I do like it. XB
BaB for SleepyHugs by Zirra--Nova
BaB for SleepyHugs
Sleepyhugs's BaB. The first of the three free slots.

Fun fact: I did a sketch the other day, then about a third through "inking" it, I realized it was all wrong & started over. WHOOPS. :XD:

This was fun to draw. :meow:
Build a Beast::Interest Check by Zirra--Nova
Build a Beast::Interest Check

This is a test of interest. I had an idea, ages back, for a new[maybe?] kind of adoptable. At least a kind I haven’t seen anyways.

Basically, you have these options to choose from, instructions will be listed in more detail below, & I’ll build a beast out of them for you.

For right now, I’m offering three free slots, first come first serve, one free slot left! no more free slots left[keep an eye out for the examples], as a way to get a few examples. If there’s for sure interest, then I shall open up commissions for them. Cost will vary depending on details, which will be explained when I make it official, if I do the thing.



1. Here you choose a basic body structure. More types may be added if there’s an interest in it.

2. Here’s some detailing of the structure you want. You can choose what length, short, medium, or long, for the body parts pictured. Keep in mind these lengths will be drawn relative to the rest of the body.

3. Here you choose a facial structure.

4. LIMBS! These are just a few examples of limb placements possible. This options is very dependent on you, as you get to choose how many limbs, where they are positioned, & what their structure will be like here. If you are having a hard time describing what you want, image references are acceptable. [For example, you want limbs like this alien or that creature from this movie. & then you give me a way to find an image of said creature. Please keep in mind the point of this is to create a new beastie though, so while I can understand an attempt to get me to draw an existing thing, don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t turn out as expected.] Also, a note. I will make a point to let you know if something you want may not turn out well, but I will attempt it anyways if you really want it.

5. Wings. Everyone loves wings. Okay so you may not have chosen to add wings to your adoptable. That’s fine. If you did, here are your options, at the moment, for what they’re built like. If not, please skip to the next bit. Thank-you.

6. Markings galore… okay not really galore. Only really three, sorta. Sorta because you can mix & match these three. Again, references to animals or other beasties are acceptable here if you can’t seem to find the words to describe what markings you want where. This is also where you choose what colors to use. Please give me four colors to use in this build. Hex codes or color names are both acceptable, & I will do my best to match them.

7. The BITS! Basically, anything else you may want to add in, including but not limited to, what they’re covered in[scales? fur? flesh?], what kind & how many ears they have, horns/antlers/other such adornments, scars or wounds[nothing majorly gory please], miss-matched eyes, a particular kind of teeth set-up, what their feet/hands look like, & even something about their personality. You can also include some accessories, such as collars or jewelry here. If you want it added, here’s where you add it. If I open up coms this option will most likely be split out a bit, for now, it’s one big chunk of choice.

WELP. That’s all. Thanks for taking the time to read through all that. Let me know if it’s something you think you may be interested in.


Gardener for Contest by Zirra--Nova
Gardener for Contest
Got a nifty contest going on over here.

Pretty nifty critters, these guys are.
This one in particular is pretty happy to have found that bottle cap. Maybe it's the last piece for some art or a perfect fit for their nest.

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