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Do you like my art? Maybe you'd like to commission me? ow0
If so then you'll be glad to know I have opened my commissions!
For more information please see the journal here or the deviation here!


Have a Nice Day in Hell by SeaSaltShrimp Have a Nice Day in Hell :iconseasaltshrimp:SeaSaltShrimp 2,898 196 Merry Critmas by AlexielApril Merry Critmas :iconalexielapril:AlexielApril 162 7 Importance is relative by Darqx Importance is relative :icondarqx:Darqx 122 65
MYO Gardener contest! Art prizes
People have been asking if i'll host one and I wanna see some more gardeners out there, so heres your chance to get one!

Whats going on here, EH?

This is a design contest to make an original Gardener character! Gardeners are a closed species so the only other way to own one is to purchase a custom or premade,
With this contest you can tailor the design to your own fancy :> Plus a chance to get some free art from me!

Whats a Gardener? Someone who will pull the weeds outta my backyard?

Gardeners are an original species of mine! More info on them here:

Quick guide to Gardener expressions
Contest Info
:bulletblue: The aim of the contest is to create a unique gardener design using the ref sheet as a guide
:bulletblue: If you want to enter all you have to do is favorite this journal upload your entry to your gallery
:iconcunningfox:CunningFox 38 84
Charlie by euclase Charlie :iconeuclase:euclase 262 2
HTTYD: Nightfall - Extras
Hello! If you are here I presume it is because you have read or are reading my How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction Nightfall on or Archive of Our Own, or, possibly, here on deviantART.
If not, and you have stumbled across this journal by chance, and would like to read some How to Train Your Dragon fanfiction, here is the summary and three hyperlinks to the same story.
Canon-divergent: 20 years after Chief Stoick’s wife and son were lost in a dragon raid, the Vikings of Berk shoot down a Night Fury…and its rider, a feral youth who believes he is a dragon.
On Archive of Our Own;
Or begin reading on deviantART.
And the amazing
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A Tribute to Robin Williams

A Tribute to Robin Williams
By techgnotic
Robin Williams Tributeby EmilyStepp
Notable Films

The World According to Garp 1982

Moscow on the Hudson 1984

:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 9,703 3,257
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Hello I live! Buy art from me maybe? 0w0


[These come with Transparent, Solid Color, or Fuzzy Gradient backgrounds.]
[I'll add some actual background options soon I hope.]
[You can click the titles of each option to find full-sized versions of them.]
[You can also find many other examples of my art at my FA or in my Art Tag!]
[If you see some style you like, feel free to ask me about replicating it for you & I'll give you a price estimate! 0w0]
[Full rules can be found at the bottom of the post]

Starting at $5
Extra Characters starting at $2

Colored Sketches
Starting at $7
Extra Chara. starting at $5

Starting at $7
Extra Chara. starting at $5

Cell Shaded/Uncolored Lineart
Starting at $10
Extra Chara. starting at $7

Flat Colored Lineart
Starting at $10
Extra Chara. starting at$7

Cell Shaded/Colored Lineart
Starting at $12
Extra Chara. starting at $10

[Payments need to be paid through PayPal, the address of which will be given at time of commission.]
[For all types of commissions other then sketches I will expect payment once I've finished the sketch of the character & had it approved.]
[Sketch commissions will need to be paid before I begin.]
[I will accept nearly any subject, animal, anthro, human, monster, ect.]
[I do reserve the right to refuse to draw something at any time.]
[Full & partial refunds will be extended on a case to case basis depending on work completed & reason for the request for a refund.]
[For now I'll take up to five commissions at a time. ^w^]

Open Slots Left:5

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Flailing is my general state of being. -flails-


Static Boom

SO….I am a weak willed creature & I’m in a chat of friends with LOTS of pone-OCs….& I was tempted & coerced into creating my own. So yay!. 8D

This is Static Boom, who is a female, but is often mistaken for a male for reasons, & who doesn’t really give two hooves either way. She’s currently studying currents…namely electrical currents & ways to harness them. The doo-dad attached to her horn is to collect lightning. May seem like a bad idea but it’s much safer then attempting to catch it with the horn alone. The wires draw the lightning down to those gem-crystals, specially prepared to store the stuff. Mostly. Just don’t bump her. & you’ll be fine.

She’s helpful, in that she tries to help as much as possible. But she’s a bit of a hazard to have around, since a single accidental touch can lead to some rather shocking results. There’s also the fact that a strong electrical-magnetic field tends to build up around her…attracting all sorts of metallic bits & bobs. 

Look, she’s working on adjusting the harness & gem electric output. Seriously. 

Halloween Icon 2016
Whoo icon. Avatar. Whatev. UwU
Says halloween....will probably be around longer. Because I'm great like that. XD

Art & Character (c) me
Rugh Redux
SOOoooooo. Who remembers this guy? Hmm. Well, he got a little attention recently & I got an urge to re-doodle-ify him. So I did. 
Hope you like the new & possibly improved, Rugh, the crocodile. UwU
Look he's smiling. Um. Just don't put your hand in there. ;3

Art & Character (c) me[ZirraNova]


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